Different types of denture adhesives

After visiting your prosthodontist, they will make your dentures that can meet your requirements. Dentures need to be shaped properly and its type will depend on the condition of the teeth of the patient. Whether you will be opting for a temporary or permanent solution will completely depend on the expense as well as the maintenance.

best denture bonding adhesives

  • Full Dentures: If you’re opting for the full dentures, then it will consist of both the lower and upper set and they will be mainly used if you are replacing it in place of all the natural teeth. You will have to give it proper maintenance and care and it will last for at least 10 years.


  • Partial dentures: You can opt for the partial dentures when your doctor is recommending you to opt for one or more than one natural teeth. In this way, you can stop the remaining teeth from shifting.


  • Fixed dentures: If you want to do the tooth replacement by fixing the dentures surgically by including implants, dental bridges or over dentures. You will have to spend some extra cost if you are opting for the bridges or implants than the removable dentures.


  • Removable dentures: The dentures which are permanent or non-removable in nature are known as permanent dentures. When it comes to the removable dentures you can easily move it any time and they are less expensive, convenient, and easy to clean. But here you will have to keep on applying it for keeping it fixed to one position. It can decrease the overall cost as well as the hassle.


After the denture is ready to be placed in your mouth make sure you are having the best denture bonding adhesives to keep it at the right place if you are not opting for the permanent solution.


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