Hijab – A Unique Amongst theIslamic Gifts This Eid! 

For some women, it is a mark of their religious identity; while for others, it is their conviction. However, the remaining has taken it up as a choice to uphold their tradition. With the hate crimes and Islamophobia increasing with every passing day, all those who wish to specifically look for Islamic gifts for their dear ones – the hijab stands strong, till date.

Islamic gifts

From silk ones to rayon fabrics, the options are variable and hence, one can choose specific fabrics for the concerned friends. In fact, there are specific children’s hijabs as well, which can act as great gift items.

Hijabs – fabrics and style suggestion

Now, the concern is, most of the fashion-conscious women of current times would want a hijab that goes well with their dresses. Hence, one must be careful about the type of fabric one chooses, and which style would suit it well. Scroll down to have a look!

Chiffon hijab – style to wear it

Who wouldn’t want chiffon against their skin? Made from a combo of synthetic fabrics, this is a great clothing trend coming in bright shimmering colours and most suitable for an evening party.

#Style suggestion: One can wear this in the Syrian Amira style or choose to wear it as a Khimar for the party.

Silk hijab – style to wear it

One of the most priceless Islamic gifts that you can choose for your friend! These come in multiple prints and colour combos and are very easy to wear. However, one should also note that, at times, its soft texture can fade out.

#Style suggestion:From dupattas to Esarp to a chaddar – the options about ways of styling it is multifarious.

Polyester hijab – style to wear it

Eye-catching with minimal tangles, this is a perfect fabric to choose for hijab. It comes in bright colours and the texture is inflexible.

#Style suggestion:This can be worn like a turban on the head with a traditional African gown.

Jersey hijab – style to wear it

Jersey hijab is made of jersey material and comes with a stretchable option. Since it almost feels like cotton, chances of any skin rash or harshness against one’s skin is minimal.

#Style suggestion:This is best suited in a typical Indonesian kerudung style. Given the humid conditions with afternoon showers, this is a great way to dole up.

Islamic gifts

With the sense of fashion increasing making its way from the ramp to the rooms, fashion styles of hijab are to grow with every passing day. Hence, one needs to be careful while choosing this cloth, since as Islamic gifts, one needs to note the accessories to go with it.

Just make sure that the online retail store from where you choose it is an authentic one.




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