How Does Cross Cultural Communication Affect Society?

Cross cultural communication has made the world small. A world with no friends, no society, and no rituals would be dead! Today, we have bridged the differences between countries and languages. For this, we ought to thank the cross cultural communication techniques. No, it has not been an easy journey to get accustomed to some cultures to which one is alien to.

Imagine on a daily course, you have your food with your set of cutlery. But what happens when you are in a South Asian country where cutlery is your five fingers. As a thorough gentleman, you adapt yourself to the cultural change. This is respecting the culture and in return the love poured is immense.

Understanding cross cultural communication

  • Culture is all about staying and living together in a society that agrees with the same customs and rituals.
  • Cross cultural necessarily means people from various cultural backgrounds come to consensus ad idem, interact and exchange their cultural backgrounds amongst themselves.
  • The process of adapting a new culture to a new one is not easy. There is a whole lot of studies of cultural values and patterns and behaviors that people have to go through.

The cross cultural communication effect on the society

  • A study shows that apart from behavior constraints and changes, there is also the emotional constraint that people go through.
  • Due to the cross civilization communication, there has been an ample amount of job opportunities, trading, and lifestyles changes.
  • The journey of accepting other cultures haven’t been easy. Queen Elizabeth covered her head and wore a full-sleeve gown to respect the Saudi Arabia culture. Her gesture has only bridged the gap between the two nations.
  • The virtues such as love, brotherhood, tolerance etc. have borne within the society.

To sum it up, the entire cross cultural communication has only done betterment for the society. It has taken its time and will still take to overcome obstacles. Nevertheless, if there is acceptance in the society to embrace different cultures, the world is going to be a better place to dwell in.


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