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Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) are gaining fame at a staggering level at the moment. These are androgen receptor binding class of compounds which boost muscle mass growth. Moreover, since this drug can be orally administered, it has minimal effect on blood pressure.

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Like other drugs, the benefits of SARMs have been talked about a lot. That instigatedmore number of people to intake this class of compounds. The interests include instant muscle mass gain, increase in endurance, faster injury recovery, increase in strength, avoiding bone loss, and many others.

Keep reading further, to get a deeper insight into this amazing class of compounds.

How to get hold of SARMs?                                       

Well, you can purchase it online from many sites. But, since a lot of people stack it up for their regularneeds, they are also available as packs online. One must remain cautious as a lot of companies have been tested to produce fake products.

For example, a company was caught selling synthetic hormonal boosting products which were sold as SARMs but had no traces of its contents!

A glance at the official sites:

  1. Bio
  3. Peak Body
  4. SARMsX
  5. Nootropics

The ones mentioned above are some of the places which have affordable prices andauthentic products that have undergone quality testing.

Keep reading In-depth details:

101SARMs have given an in-depth explanation of the majority of SARM compounds. Let us have a glimpse of those!

  • Ostarine:

It is also referred to as MK-2866. So, currently, this particular modulator drug is the people’s favourite due to its immense benefits. Its primary function is to enhance muscle mass, but it also helps in the prevention of osteoporosis, especially in case of women. The most crucial bonus point is that it doesn’t suppress testosterone levels. The perfect dosage is around 30 mg per day.


  • Ligandrol

Also called LGD 4033, it is also beneficial for increasing focus and bone density. It enhances the increase in lean body mass, without any significant side effects.

  • Ibutamoren (MK677):

This one is an agonist of the specific growth hormone receptor. This also increases muscle mass and bone density. It shows the best result when used on a three-month cycle.

  • Cardarine

This drug is specifically interesting for people looking for muscle mass gain along with some fat loss. It is known to give the best results when combined with exercise.

There are many more such modulators apart from the ones mentioned above. There’s always a space for some exploring. So, get ready to attain that gorgeous muscular body with the help of 101SARMs!


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