Know the Origins of Various Cultures around the World

It will be interesting to know the origins of various cultures around the world. Knowing about their significance, the ideology behind them, the various thought processes etc. However, to understand the basis of a number of cultures it is important to understand what culture is all about.

The word ‘culture’

  • Culture, a word that states about a living ambiance of people from the same society. People have their set of beliefs, thought processes, and customs.
  • Slowly with the advent of dance, dramas, arts, music etc. the precept starts gaining more importance. Changes in the customs take place and work as per the whims and fancies of the community as a whole.
  • Communal conduct and norms set up in human societies are termed as the culture.

The origins of different cultures

  • The origins of various cultures have been ever since mankind started living in a society. The world witnessed the Persian, ancient Greek, Chinese, Mayan, ancient Egypt and more having its roots all guarded.
  • Well, with a world population of 7.5 billion, the cultures are many but to name few ones.
  1. Middle East
  2. Latin America
  3. North America,
  4. Europe, Russia
  5. Sub-Saharan Africa,
  6. China, Japan
  7. South Asia
  8. South-East Asia
  • The rise of culture sees the same languages, religion, government interference, educational background, customs etc. For example, the origin of Middle- East culture has come from the religion, lifestyle, and language they inherit etc. This is why Islamic culture is found in the Middle- East region of the world.

Wrap up!

It is difficult to state which culture is rich. We, humans, adapt ourselves in the region we dwell in and that is the beauty of mankind. Different cultures amuse us, excite us, inform us and have something or the other to learn from. Three cheers to every culture around the world.


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