Maintenance Mistake You should Avoid if You Own RC Cars

The best rc car under 100 have the same fundamentals as real cars. Hence, they require adequate maintenance at regular intervals. However, even experienced people make some of the maintenance mistakes which one should avoid, to have a fully functioning remote control car.

Ergo, go through the mistakes people usually make, so you don’t repeat them!

best rc car under $100

  1. Not Maintaining Driveshaft

CVD, Dogbones, etc. connect wheel to the axle with a universal joint. These apply power evenly and smoothly than other drive types as well as are stronger if adequately maintained. Appropriate maintenance refers to keeping it clean and also replace the lubricants which get lost due to cleaning or using.

  1. Don’t Use Water to Bath RC Vehicles

It is ok to clean the body as well as the tires and wheels (after removing from the vehicle) with water. Since it is a universal solvent, it will clean downright anything. However, cleaning the chassis with water is not a good ideal at all. If it gets wet, then the only solution for an individual is to let RC car dry.

  • Don’t operate if Parts are Bending or have a Crack

One shouldn’t drive these small cars with bent or cracked parts. For example, if a bent suspension pin will bind the suspension action and affect handling and control. The ideal idea is to check every part before running a vehicle. Also, to check pins, one can simply roll it on a hard flat surface.

These are just some of the things which people skip when maintaining one of the best rc car under $100. However, some other things which one shouldn’t skip during maintenance are shocks, ball and gear differentials, etc.

So, if you own an RC vehicle, make sure to check every aspect before driving them adequately and of course, ensure that you don’t repeat same mistakes which are above.



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