Reasons Why You’re Failing to Overcome Alcohol Addiction!

A major concern amongst most doctors today is the recurring damage of young life as a result of alcohol consumption. Moreover, whilst an addict is receiving help, many a times he/she faces many hurdles in their path of ending alcohol addiction.

However, this is a common issue, according to National Institute of Drug Abuse; there are several reasons why addicts fail to find help from rehabilitation centers.

Here lie some reasons which work as obstacles to overcome alcohol addiction –

Reason 1 – Drinking Pattern

One reason the potential addicts might be unable to act on their decision to leave alcohol is consistency of their drinking pattern. Addicts often re-assure themselves and find illogical reasons to postpone on their willingness to quit.

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For example, an addict might use the up-coming festivities as an excuse and promise to quit afterwards. Yet, studies show, their repeated visits to their local gastro doctors due to liver problems prove otherwise.

Solution: Try to change the mindset of an addict, consider availing a therapist of rehab center.

Reason 2 – Low Self-Esteem

A reason mainly overlooked, but in most cases, alcohol addiction stems from low self-esteem. Sometimes, addicts who have lost faith in life use alcohol as a means to live, hence a doctor must try to build the morale of the victim and show him/her that there is more to life than alcohol.

Solution- The first step to consider is to be kind and empathetic, try making the victim mix amongst survivors and optimistic people.  

Reason 3 – Rehab Failures

Many a times, an addict may build an anticipation to quit drinking, but the fire dies in a few weeks into rehab. According to some local gastro doctors, the reason behind this deterioration is that, the body was used to alcohol consumption prior to quitting.

Solution: The body requires adequate time to heal, so try consulting doctors and getting harmless medications which can substitute the feeling of having alcohol.

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[Note: However, only when you have a prescribed receipt for availing such medications, only then can you use them in the required doses. For e.g. – Adderall]

Reason 4 – Lack of Will

The most common reason on why people fail to overcome addiction is the lack of mental will. Often, addicts who have chosen alcohol fail to comprehend a life beyond it, hence without the required will power; no amount of doctors can help.

Solution: Relapses are natural, hence the point is not giving up and keeping the patient positive enough to try to quit on his own. Show patience and perseverance.

Stop Alcohol Addiction for a better tomorrow! 

Entering a rehab can naturally enhance your chance of ending alcohol addiction. However, one must enter with an open mind. In order to really succeed, addicts must realize success won’t come overnight. Hence, each step should be taken slow but steady, because in the end what matters is the effort to change.



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