Weed In My Pocket: All About Synthetic Urine Kits Being Used For Faking Tests

When you are making use of really high quality synthetic urine test kit, the chances are very high that you will pass the test. However these tests are also known to evolve all the time, therefore people may face some problems. You need to have the knowledge about the best synthetic urine in order to not get detected. When you have this knowledge, you will never fail a drug test again. With help from Weed in my pocket, you will have all the information you require for passing the drug tests.

Why choose synthetic variety?

The reason why people are making use of synthetic urine to pass the tests, is because, the machines in laboratories are standardized by using the synthetic urine. The problem however arises, when the synthetic urine is too much perfect or it does not contain all the ingredients. If the synthetic urine is not submitted at the right temperature, then also you may get adverse results.


Required components

The urine needs to be within the pH range of 4.6 to 8, which is normal for human beings. The specific gravity of the urine too, should be within the standard parameters. It needs to have uric acid as well as creatinine. Weedinmypocket.com, will provide you everything in right quantities.

Key solutions

The synthetic urine is nothing but a solution of different chemicals in correct proportions. The various chemicals, eleven in number to be precise, need to be present so that the synthetic urine can be passed on as a standard, normal sample.

Maintaining temperature of the synthetic urine is something that gives many people a tough time. However, top quality, synthetic urine will have a special powder that gets activated by changes in heat levels and maintains temperature suitable for the human body. You have to go to https://weedinmypocket.com to know more about this.



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